Adding a Joint Agent

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On certain forms you may add another agent's details to your own details as a Joint Agent. This can only be done on an Agent Name field (Company or Trading Name).



Open or create the form you wish to add a Joint Agent to



Right Click on the appropriate Agent Name field (Company or Trading Name)


If the option <Select Joint Agent> appears in the list, then the form supports Joint Agents





Click on the 'Select Joint Agent' option


A List of Joint Agents will appear





If the Joint Agents details are not there, click <Edit On> then <Add> and type in all the details for that agent



Double click on the agent you wish to select or highlight the agent and click <OK>



You will be asked if you would like to add this Joint Agent as the primary agent




Click <Yes> if you would like the Joint Agent to appear as "Other Agent Jointly with Your Company"

Click <No> if you would like the Joint Agent to appear as "Your Company Jointly with Other Agent"



This will add the Joint Agent Details (incl. License No, License Expiry, ABN and ACN) to the Form


Note: The License Number, License Expiry, ABN and ACN may not appear on screen, but when the form is printed out all details will appear