Adding To a Multiple Field List Within A List

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Where it is necessary to add records to a list from within the list or where you wish to add multiple records in one session follow the instructions below:



Once in the form from which you require to add a list, right click in the appropriate <Key> field and select <Select From List>


The list selection window will appear



Click the <Edit On> button



Click the <Add> button


This will add another row in the list



Type the details into the appropriate fields


Note: Automatic formatting does not occur while editing Comment Lists, so you have to format the text where necessary



If you wish to add another record click on the <Add> button again


This will add another row to enter a new record into



Once you have finished adding all the records you can either;


Highlight details to insert into the form and click <OK>; or

Click <Cancel> to return to the form without inserting any details