Changing Agency Details

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Locked Registration Details


To change your Company Name, Trading Name, Street Address &/or Postal Address you MUST submit a Change of Details Form.



Extra Agency Details (e.g. License No., ABN, etc)


To make changes to your extra agency details follow the instructions below:



Start ADLForms by double-clicking on the ADLForms Icon on your desktop.



In the ADLForms Main Menu click the <Options> button.



Where required, add or update any additional information in the Extra Details tab. Information entered in this section will be automatically applied to relevant fields on all forms.



Click the <Save> button. A message saying Registration details have been saved correctly should appear. Click <Ok> then click <Exit>.



Updating Agency Details on Saved Forms


When opening a previously saved form it will NOT open with the new details. To update the details on saved forms refer to the instructions in Updating Agent Details.