Miscellaneous Options

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There are a few miscellaneous options that can be set to make your ADLForms experience more pleasurable. They are:





Automatically Change Pages at End of Page


By default ADLForms will automatically move to the next page as soon as you press <Enter> or <TAB> on the last field of a page, negating the need to click the <Next Page> button to move to the next page.


By un-ticking this option you are forced to always click the <Next Page> button to move to the next page of a form.


Company Name Insert Format


Your business name can be displayed and printed in two different ways on all forms. They are 'Company & Trading Name' (Default) and 'Trading Name Only'.


Although it is good business practice to print the full business name on all forms, some agents wish to print their Trading Name only.


By setting this option it will apply to all forms.


Tick the forms to have the Postal Address applied to

Forms Address Setup

It is possible to nominate which forms display your postal address.


By default your street address is inserted into all forms.


If you want all forms to have the postal address displayed, tick the 'Apply Postal Address to ALL forms' option.


If you would like a selection of forms to have your postal address displayed, tick the 'Apply Postal Address to SELECTED forms' check box and tick the box beside each form name.


Prompt to Add to Editable Lists


In many forms there are editable combo boxes, to which you can add your own values which will then appear as values within the drop-down combo box in future.


By default every time you type a value that is not in the list you will be prompted as to whether you wish to add the new value to the list for future use.


To have new values automatically added to the list for future use, without prompting, un-tick this option.


Update Similar Fields


Within some forms the same information may appear more than once. In such cases, when you enter information into the first of the linked fields, ADLForms will automatically insert this information in all other relevant fields within the form.


By default this will only occur when the linked fields are empty.


You can change this setting to 'Always' or 'Never' if required. This setting will apply to all forms.



Miscellaneous Options Setup:



Open ADLForms



Click on <Options> from within the ADLForms Main Menu



Set preferences as required



Click <Save>



Click on the <Exit> button to return to the ADLForms Main Menu