Single Line Text Fields

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Single Line Text Fields allow you to only enter one line of text.



Printing More Text Than Will Fit in the Field


It is possible to type more information into a Text Field than will fit in the on-screen box. When this happens, not all the information will appear on the screen but, when printing, ADLForms will ensure that the information prints as part of the form. It does this in two ways. Firstly it will attempt to shrink the font size to try and fit the text within the confines of the box. If it fails to get the text to fit within the bounds of the box even after shrinking to your preset minimum font size, ADLForms will prompt you as to whether you would like to add an Addendum Page. When printing Addendum Pages, the referencing within the form/agreement to the Addendum is automatically inserted for you to ensure that the Addendum Pages are a legal part of the form or agreement being printed.



Automatic Formatting


There are a number of types of Single Line Text Fields which may allow for automatic formatting of your text. They are:



This field type will allow all text to remain exactly as you have typed it.



This field type will ensure that all words start with a capital letter. This field type is typically used for Name and Address fields. It even accommodates odd surnames such as McDonald, de Vere, etc.


First Word Uppercase

This field type is used where one or more sentences may be typed. In these cases the program will automatically set the first character of each sentence to be uppercase.



This field type will automatically force all characters to uppercase (eg. State field)



This field type will automatically force all characters to lowercase. This type of field would be used only on rare occasions, where a code or license # is normally only in lowercase.