Auto Update

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Auto Update occurs in the background whenever you start ADLForms for the first time each day. The program checks the ADL Software website to see if there are any updates to forms or the application. If any changes are found, the program will automatically begin downloading the update installation in the background. While this is happening you may continue to use ADLForms even though an update progress screen may pop up over ADLForms.


Once the download is complete one or more of the following will occur:



If an update to the software is downloaded, ADLForms will display the following message in the Status Bar at the bottom of the ADLForms main menu:


A pending program update will be applied when ADLForms is restarted



If new or updated forms are downloaded, ADLForms will show a list of all the forms. Click <OK> to proceed



If no updates have been downloaded the software will display, 'ADLForms is up-to-date' in the Status Bar of the main menu.



Note: Where it is required to update ADLForms for any reason other than when you first use ADLForms at the start of a day, you can force an update simply by opening ADLForms and clicking the <Update> button from the ADLForms Main Menu.