Moving ADLForms

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If you have purchased a new computer and wish to move all your ADLForms files from the old computer to the new, follow the instructions below:



Download and install the latest version of ADLForms onto the new computer (Refer to Installing ADLForms)



Once you have successfully installed the program onto the new computer, locate the installation path of ADLForms on your old computer (e.g. C:\ADLForms)


You can do this by using 'My Computer' (usually found as a link on Desktop) or 'Windows Explorer' (usually found in the 'Start' menu, in 'Programs' and under 'Accessories')



Copy all the sub-folders within the ADLForms folder and place them in the installation path of ADLForms on your new computer (e.g. C:\ADLForms)


Note: If asked to replace existing files click <Yes>



Start ADLForms by double-clicking on the ADLForms Icon on your desktop




If prompted, read and agree to the ADLForms Client License Agreement and hit the <Continue> button



If prompted with an ADLForms Registration screen, select the 'Enter my Registration details' option and click the <Proceed> button then refer to step 4 of Express Registration



If prompted with an Invalid Registration screen, click on the <Open ADLForms in an Unregistered Mode> button and refer to Express Registration



You are now ready to continue using ADLForms