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Templates are a handy way to automatically populate fields within a form, thereby reducing the amount of typing required. They can also be used in conjunction with the Third-party Merge feature to automatically insert standard information into a form that would not necessarily be merged from your trust accounting software program.


To get the best out of your merge process setup and use appropriate templates by following these steps:


1.Create a Template


To create a template please refer to Steps 1 to 6 of 'Saving and Using Templates'


2.Block Merge Fields


When using the third-party merge process some information may merge into the forms that is not required by your agency. To block a field from merging into a form you will need to setup and use templates with blocked merge fields setup.


To block a field from merging, when creating the template, right-click on the appropriate field and select 'Leave Blank When Merging' from the pop-up menu.


3.Use a Template when Merging


Refer to 'Third-party Merge Options' for information on how to use templates when merging.