Default Information

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Many fields will automatically have default information entered when you open a new form. This is because it is the most common entry in the particular field. This is done to save you time which would usually be spent typing or selecting information that should normally be there.


It is important not to rely on default field input as it may not be correct for the form you are doing. Always check these fields and correct them where necessary.


These fields can be changed easily by selecting the field and changing it. If it is a text box type field the default information will automatically disappear as soon as you start typing the detail to replace the default.


The only default fields you cannot change are those fields which hold your company details. These details can only be changed by sending ADL Software a 'Change of Details Form'. This method is employed by ADL Software as a means of protection against piracy of our software. However, if your company details have simply appeared in the wrong location in many instances the Swap Details feature can be utilised to resolve the issue.