Combo Boxes

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There are three types of Combo Boxes. They are:





Standard Combo Boxes


Standard combo boxes contain a fixed number of values and the first value is always blank. You may select any of the values, including the blank value. The selection will print as if part of a sentence or as the result of a heading within the form as follows:





Editable Combo Boxes


Editable combo boxes are the same as Standard Combo Boxes except that you may type your own value instead of selecting one of the default values. When you do type a value that is not already in the list of values available, upon leaving the field you will be asked if you wish to add the new value to the default list for future use. If you click <Yes> the value you typed will appear next time you use that particular Combo Box or Combo Boxes of the same type. To have new values added to the list automatically without prompting refer to Prompt to Add to Editable Lists.



Strikeout Combo Boxes


Strikeout Combo Boxes appear on screen just the same as a Standard Combo Box, but when they print all values in the combo box's list will print separated by the "/" character. All options not selected will be struck out. If you select the blank value no values will be struck out, allowing you to do it manually after printing.